Over half of patients who suffer from migraine can clearly identify the key factors that trigger their migraine which should not be neglected.  


Migraine Trigger Factors

  1. Environment

    • Traveling to countries in a different time zone
    • Changing weather
    • Bright lights
    • Pungent smells, air pollution
  2. Lifestyle

    • Lack of sleep, unfixed sleep schedule, sleepless, oversleep
    • Fasting or not eating on time
    • Mood swings such as stress, depression, anxiety
    • Not enough sleep
  3. Food & Drink

    • High tyramine diet such as cheese, yoghurt, preserved food
    • Food that contains yeast
    • Coffee, tea or drinks with caffeine such as soft drink, energy drink, etc.
    • Food that contains monosodium glutamate (MSG)
    • Meat that has been fermented, pickled, or processed to extend its shelf life. Food that contains preservatives 
    • Food that contains sweetener

Lifestyle modification such as enough rest, exercise, and control of your stress will highly benefit migraine patients, as well as indicate migraine trigger factors, so the patients can avoid these factors effectively.