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Integrated Care Center
Integrated Care Center

“Integrated Care Services: Value Beyond Excellence”

“Integrated Care Services” are recognized as a critical adjunct to effective health care delivery and holistic patient management. The concept of integrated care is vital for all patients, especially those with related chronic conditions or complex illnesses such as neurological or orthopedic disorders where comprehensive health care is highly needed.

The intellectual territory of our integrated care services at Bangkok International Hospital involves a “one-stop care center” which is well staffed with a multidisciplinary team covering a wide range of health professionals in all sub-specialties in order to provide comprehensive medical assessments and holistic treatment plans in accordance with primary disease (s) and other comorbidity. By taking a “patient-centric view”, besides clinical perspectives obtained from physicians, the healthcare services will be individually customized and provided based on patients’ needs and preferences. To achieve beyond expectation in patient-centered care, particularly with patients who have movement difficulties, most medical services covering assessment, diagnosis, and treatment from all specialties will be delivered to the patients’ door while hospitalized at BIH, unless certain medical investigations and procedures require special equipment or machines which are immovable. As a result, patient-centric care significantly increases patient engagement, satisfaction, and compliance while reducing patient anxiety and improving quality of life. In addition, we have implemented precision medicine” which proposes the customization of healthcare with medical decisions in risk screening and disease prevention. Based on a genetic understanding of individual patient, this helps the healthcare plan being personally tailored to each patient.