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How to Sleep Tight and Wake Up Bright

Having a good night sleep is important to your health which relates to accumulation of your energy and helps you stay in tune.  Therefore, a good night sleep not only helps strengthen your brain but also clear it.  

During the day while you are alert, your brain and body consume energy and excrete waste in various system which needs to be disposed. If there are a lot of wastes hanging all over your brain, it will affect transmission of your neurons, causing cognitive decline and mood swing. If the damage part of the brain is the one that controls your bodily functions, failure may occur in multiple systems.


Good Sleeps Gives Brighter Brain

A good sleep helps clear and refresh your brain after you wake up.  Here are the healthy sleep tips:

  • Get a good-quality sleep
  • Stick to a sleep schedule and pattern
  • Get a sound sleep, deep sleep instead of constantly waking up
  • Don’t wake up to go to the toilet more than 1 time per night. 
  • Quality sleep includes: 
    • Brain rests completely from light to deep sleep
    • Breathe comfortably without stopping or congesting
    • Quiet snore
    • No teeth grinding
    • No heart arrhythmia
    • Muscles relax during sleep
    • No sleep-walking
    • No spasm
    • Sleep peacefully

Benefits of a Good Night Sleep

If you have an adequate sleep – regular schedule every night, it will keep you mind healthy, in terms of:

  • Your brain gets rid of wastes from your nerve cells
  • Enhanced memory
  • Effective skill development
  • Body functions properly

However, each person has different lifestyle.  Therefore, their sleep pattern and schedule differ.  In order to get an adequate sleep, you need to consult sleep specialist to help you start a good sleeping habit for your good health.