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Advanced Total Joint Care 
emphasizing on Total Knee and Hip Replacement – Less Pain, Fast Recovery 
with Ability to Walk within 24 hours

Daily activities in person’s life sometimes can lead to pain or discomfort around the hip and knee. These conditions do not only occur in the elderly, but also in younger working-age individuals who are at risk. 


“The first Orthopedic Center in Thailand is established here at the Bangkok International Hospital in 2019” said Dr. Wallob Samranvedhya, Director of BIH’s Hip and Knee Center. “Supported by cutting-edge technologies and innovations in Hip and Knee Surgery such as the use of Digital Template Program for Pre-operative planning program; Non-Invasive Navigation System during the surgery; Pain Intervention Technique and ERAS Program (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery; combined with a multidisciplinary medical team and Hybrid Operating Room, we can assure patients of the maximum safety and satisfactory result, less painful and quick recovery. So far we have successfully treated over 1000 patients.”

According to specialist on hip and knee surgery, Dr. Sombat Rojviroj, warning signs of knee arthritis include knee ache, swollen knee, knee inflammation, crackling sound when walking, and inability to fully stretch the knee including difficulties walking up and down the stairs. Some risk factors are being middle-age or older, female, overweight, repeated trauma to the knees, previous knee injury, and genetics factors. Our center provides knee arthritis treatment starting from changing the way the patient uses their knees, taking anti-inflammatory medicines, including injections. If these pre-emptive measures are ineffective, total knee replacement surgery may be an option. Our total knee replacement program is certified by JCI (Joint Commission International) from USA. We use high technology (digital template / pre-operative planning program) to plan precise procedure to decrease injury to the surrounding tissues as well as indicate the size and position of the prosthetic to lengthen its lifetime of use. Pain intervention techniques, such as adductor canal block and radiofrequency ablation (an additional option), are used to minimize pain. The patients can recover quickly and be able to walk within 24 hours.”

Apart from knee pain, elderly may experience chronic hip pain which affects everyday life, from walking down the stairs to exercising. “If various treatments don’t eliminate the pain, hip replacement surgery is a solution. For the treatment of hip osteoarthritis, Direct Anterior Approach (DAA) combines with Velys Hip Navigation methods are used to improve the accuracy of hip size selection and positioning” explains Dr. Phonthakorn Panichkul, orthopedic surgery specialist at the BIH’s Hip and Knee Center. “DAA technique leads to an easier recovery and reduces the risk of hip dislocation after surgery because the back muscles are not cut. Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) Bikini Incision reduces the chance of developing a scar. Bilateral Simultaneous Total Hip Replacements is possible.” 

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