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O-arm 3D Imaging Navigator

Since 2017, the Spine Center at Bangkok International Hospital has been utilizing O-arm and Stealth Navigation System.  We are the first private hospital to pilot such real-time navigation system in spinal surgery.  Today, we have implemented the latest O-arm 3D Imaging System called “O2” that comes with the Stealth S8 Surgical Navigation System which enhances the operation with sharp images.  The system has precision and enriched ability to analyze the procedures’ results, augmenting better spinal surgeries.

IIHL-Advances in technologies and minimally invasive surgery

O-arm provides a 360-degree scan of the spine vertically, horizontally, and cross-sectionally in real-time during a surgical procedure.  It shows a detailed 3D image of the spine that allows a surgeon to locate where to operate within millimeters. This is a much less invasive way than an open surgery, and the surgeon can smoothly place an implant as needed.  Even in a case with severe spinal deformity, the O-arm can scan again before the incision is closed. 

Advantages of O-arm 3D Imaging Navigator

  • Increased precision and safety during surgery
  • Faster spinal surgery duration
  • Small incision, less blood loss, less pain, and quick recovery
  • Reduced exposure to radiation
  • Reduces the need for future revision surgery
  • Reduced risks during surgery – especially in a case with severe spinal deformity which, if operated with only normal eyesight and a screw was misplaced, could lead to paralysis

IntraOperative NeuroMonitoring – IOM

IIHL-Advances in technologies and minimally invasive surgery

In a case where a complex surgery is required – such as spinal deformity correction – there is a risk of complication from the procedure, particularly damaged spinal cord.  Even in the hands of experienced surgeons, there could be an unexpected situation – for example, when straightening a deformed spine, the normal eyesight might be unable to detect the abnormality properly – but using a tool like IOM can monitor the integrity of the spinal cord, making the procedure safer.

The most important thing is to protect and strengthen your spine.At Bangkok International Hospital, our Spine Center is ready to provide treatment and care for patients with all kinds of spinal problems.Trust in our MIS procedure and the latest effective surgery technology that is of internationally recognized standard by the United States’ Joint Commissnion International (JCI), and improve your quality of life.