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Patient’s experience who have undergone direct anterior approach cosmetic incision hip replacement

“During the past 4-5 years, whenever I moved or sat up, I had a hip pain down along my right leg. The more I walked or did any activities, the more painful it was. It was a hard and painful time in my life.”
I started my treatment by seeing a physician at the provincial hospital. Taking anti-inflammatory medication to reduce the pain and undergoing physical therapy did not help; in fact, it felt more painful than ever. The doctor who took the x-ray found that my hip bone had deteriorated because no blood had come to that area for too long a period of time. The doctor recommended hip replacement surgery for me. I studied all the details about hip replacement surgery because of my fear of the surgery.

Finally, I decided on the new hip replacement surgery technique called Direct Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement at Bangkok Hospital with full confidence in the medical team led by Dr. Phonthakorn Panichkul, an expert in this technique.

After my surgery, I did not feel any pain at all. Very soon afterward, in the afternoon on the day of surgery, the doctor pulled me up from bed to walk with him. I could walk. It was a quick recovery. The total duration of surgery and rehabilitation was only five days, and I could walk and go to the toilet by myself from the second day after surgery. During my admission at the hospital, for a period of five days, all the doctors and nurses took great care of me. I was very impressed. On the sixth day after my surgery, I was discharged from the hospital and flew back to my hometown in another province. I could walk by myself with a cane to the airplane at Suvarnabhumi Airport. During my rehabilitation at home, after one to two weeks, my pain reduced further, and I could walk and sit down and even do my chores almost like normal. During the third week, I was able to drive myself to buy groceries at the store. During the fourth week, I drove to my daughter’s graduation day in Khon Kaen.

I am grateful to the attentive physicians for their advice, helpful recommendations, encouragement, and confidence throughout the treatment. Now, it has been two months already, and I do not have any pain at all while walking, driving, going up and down the stairs, or sleeping. I think that going through with the surgery was a perfect decision. I have to thank Dr. Phonthakorn Panichkul, his team, and the nurses at Bangkok Hospital for giving me a new life.

“I want to confirm to everyone that the new Direct Anterior Approach Cosmetic Incision Hip Replacement is safe, and you will experience only a limited amount of pain. Besides, the appearance of the incision is good. You can recover very quickly and move about after the surgery.”

Mrs.Natruja Mumboon
Government Officer, Udon Thani

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